The Notorious Democrat Who Donated to Dade Phelan

Was it Phelan’s actions against AG Paxton that sparked Democrat sheriff Zena Stephens to give to a Republican Speaker of the House?

House Speaker Dade Phelan’s campaign has come under scrutiny for receiving a $1,000 donation from Democrat sheriff Zena Stephens. What makes this contribution notable is Stephens’ involvement in a case that led to the stripping of the Attorney General’s power to prosecute election fraud. Was it Phelan’s actions against AG Paxton that 

Back in 2018, Attorney General Ken Paxton sought to prosecute Stephens for campaign finance violations after local prosecutors declined to pursue the case. Among the allegations were accepting cash contributions over $100, which violated the Election Code. However, Stephens contested the indictment, arguing that the AG lacked constitutional authority to prosecute criminal cases.

In December 2021, the Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas’ highest court on criminal matters, ruled 8-1 that the state law granting the attorney general unilateral prosecuting power in election cases was unconstitutional. The court argued that the attorney general did not have explicit authority from the Texas Constitution to do so.

Despite efforts during the recent legislative session to restore this prosecuting power to the Attorney General’s office, no action was taken, leaving election fraud unprosecuted. This decision raises concerns about the integrity of the electoral process and the need for accountability.

It’s crucial to recognize that restoring prosecuting power to the Attorney General is not about partisan politics but about upholding the rule of law and ensuring electoral integrity. Allowing the Attorney General to prosecute election fraud cases ensures that justice is served impartially and without undue influence.

Moving forward, there must be a concerted effort to address this issue and restore the prosecuting power to the Attorney General’s office. This action is essential for maintaining the integrity of our electoral system and restoring public trust in elections.

Advancing Integrity is calling on lawmakers to prioritize legislation that restores prosecuting power to the Attorney General. By doing so, we can safeguard the sanctity of our elections and uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability.

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