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Join the Texas Election Coalition

Would you like to join fellow Texans across the state, working together to restore accuracy, transparency, and accountability to our elections?

Advancing Integrity and The Advancing Integrity Foundation, in partnership with The Election Integrity Network would like to invite you to join the Texas Election Coalition. Spend your lunch with us every Wednesday at noon and learn about all of the threats to election integrity and how you can help to fight them. You can also join our working groups, each laser focused on a particular aspect of elections like voter rolls, legislation, or the election process itself. We also encourage you to join the EIN National Working Groups. We all have something we can learn from each other and it is going to take all of us working together to fix our broken elections.


The most important thing you can do is cast an informed vote in each election. One vote can and does make a difference. Be prepared when you go vote with the Quick Guides below:

Become an Advancing Integrity Delegate

It is almost time for the State Party Conventions! The Republican Party of Texas Convention takes place May 23rd-25th in San Antonio and the Texas Democrats State Convention will be in El Paso June 6th-8th. Delegates to either convention will have the opportunity to shape their party’s platform and designate the priorities for the next legislative session.

If you will be attending one of these conventions as a delegate or alternate, please click the corresponding button below. We will equip you with the information you need to advocate for election integrity.

We also have opportunities for you to volunteer at the RPT Convention. Please click that link below if you are interested in helping Advancing Integrity and getting a chance to see the exhibit hall and explore the booths from candidates, organizations, and vendors.

Volunteer as a Poll Watcher

Poll Watchers are an integral part of the election process. They are the extra sets of eyes and ears inside the polling location, both backing up the election workers and holding them accountable. All Poll Watchers must complete the training developed by the Texas Secretary of State and bring their certification with them to their assigned location. We suggest you also print our Quick Guide, follow the steps, and take it with you as well.