Supreme Court Disregards the “Independent State Legislature” Theory

In case you missed it, in June the Supreme Court made a disappointing decision by rejecting the “independent state legislature” theory, and dealt a blow to the foundation of our democratic processes. In doing so, it has denied states their rightful authority to oversee federal elections and protect the integrity of the electoral system. This ruling not only undermines the power of state legislatures but also places Article 1 Section 4, which grants states control over elections, on the backburner thus weakening the constitutional framework that upholds our democratic principles.

It is paramount that states maintain full control over their elections to ensure that the will of the people is accurately reflected. In these recent decisions, the Supreme Court has weakened states’ ability to defy election-related constraints imposed by their own constitutions and courts. This unjustly curtails the authority of state legislatures, particularly in battleground states, to exercise their rightful power and protect against potential electoral irregularities that could compromise the integrity of our democratic system.

Alarmingly, this ruling has been celebrated by election hijackers, who prioritize consolidating power over preserving the principles of states’ rights and upholding the Constitution. It represents another instance of judicial activism that undermines the voice of the people. Additionally, this centralizes power within the federal government, and further erodes the fundamental tenets of our democratic governance.

To ensure fair and transparent elections, states must be empowered to implement necessary safeguards, such as enacting voter ID laws and establishing secure ballot handling procedures. These measures are crucial to maintaining public trust in the electoral process. The federal government should refrain from interfering in electoral matters that are best understood and managed by state officials who are directly accountable to their constituents.

It is of utmost importance that we steadfastly resist efforts aimed at eroding state authority over elections and remain committed to protecting the principles of self-governance. We must actively advocate for robust state control over elections and push back against misguided Supreme Court rulings that undermine the rights of states and disregard the will of the people. By doing so, we can safeguard election integrity and preserve the democratic institutions that form the cornerstone of our nation.