What REALLY happened in Harris County?

Matt Angle, Founder and Director of The Lone Star Project whose tagline is “Fighting Back with Facts” missed quite a few of those facts in a recent post on X. He accuses Republicans of “lying to citizens” about “phony election fraud charges.” Yet it seems he didn’t read the Secretary of State’s Report or fully read the Houston Chronicle article he linked in the post.

For example, the paper quotes a visiting judge from Bexar County, David Peeples, and his 36-page ruling in Republican candidate Erin Lunceford’s case stating that Harris County had made “many mistakes and violations of the Election Code.”

Additionally the publication noted that around “a total of 2,891 votes were affected by various problems- larger than the margin in the race.” However, Judge Peeples decided that the outcome would not have changed if those votes had been cast, although we will never really know the accuracy of that determination.

Judge David Peeples may not have felt he had enough evidence to void the election, but he did “find merit with many of Lunceford’s arguments.” Ballot shortages, malfunctioning election equipment, and other logistical errors caused what Peeples estimated to be 250 to 850 voters. Even one voter disenfranchised is too many.

Additionally, the Chronicle also reported that the paper shortages seemed to be intentional by discussing Russ Long, a member of the Harris County GOP who made a map of the locations that had a lack of paper. Most of the polling locations without paper were in Republican neighborhoods. Coincidence?

The Houston Chronicle, typically not favorable to Republicans, did report that “the ruling was not a clear win for Harris County as Peeples did find merit with many of Lunceford’s arguments.” Clearly the decision doesn’t warrant Matt Angle’s accusations of lies and false charges. It should be obvious to anyone even halfway paying attention that the November 2022 election was far from straightforward or trustworthy.

The bottom line is that election contests typically fail. Their first hurdle is access to the election records that would prove their case. Counties tend to fight against releasing information, even when required to do so, and a candidate can’t request records the county failed to keep. Time, cost, and a lack of what the court would consider election experts are also factors that negatively impact the success of a contest.

So, do not be misled, the Harris County 2022 election disenfranchised voters and undermined the accuracy and transparency Texas voters should demand.