What is an Election Clerk, and Why Should I Care?

Election clerks play an integral role in safeguarding our electoral process. They are the support staff for the Presiding Judge in polling locations, at central count, and on the ballot board and signature verification committee. Some clerks also offer crucial translation services for voters. There is always a need for more people to step up and fill these roles, especially for Election Day. 

Who can serve as an election worker? 

If you’re 18 years old, registered to vote in your county, and not an elected official, candidate, or affiliated with a candidate, you meet the requirements. High schoolers aged 16 or older also have a unique opportunity through the ,,Student Election Clerk program.

What am I responsible for?

Some key responsibilities include:

Organizing the polling place before the polls open.
Ensuring that qualified voters are permitted to vote.
Checking in and processing voters.
Distributing ballots to registered voters.
Providing instructions and assistance to voters.
Answering voters’ questions.
Explaining the use of the voting equipment.
Maintaining order in the polling place on Election Day.
Obtaining results after the polls are closed and closing the polling place.

Will I get paid? 

YES! Election Clerks are paid hourly, with counties determining wages ranging from at least the federal minimum wage to $10-$14 per hour, depending on the role. While long hours are expected—up to a maximum of 14 hours—some counties offer part-time positions to accommodate various schedules.

Will I be trained?

The Secretary of State offers an ,,online training course for poll workers. Your county’s elections office and your county’s political party may also provide training before early voting and Election Day. Take advantage of as many training opportunities as possible. This ensures you are well-prepared for your crucial responsibilities.

Ready to make a positive impact? 

If you’re interested in becoming an election worker, ,,contact your county for application details. Your involvement is a direct contribution to the electoral process, safeguarding the integrity of elections and ensuring every voice is heard. Join us in fostering change – ,,become an election clerk today!