The League of Women Voters’ Partisan Grip on County Election Websites

A partisan website has crept onto county elections websites across the state, the site of the League of Women Voters (LWV). Election websites can link to the official websites of political parties with candidates on the ballot. They should not, however, link to or promote any other groups, especially the LWV. While the name sounds inconspicuous, their website tells a different story. 

Their top priority is ensuring that elections are “fair, accessible, and representative of all Americans”. While this sounds like a good thing, their actual mission isn’t to secure elections but to make them more susceptible to fraud. Among their top election priorities are eliminating voter ID and instituting same-day registration.

Other parts of their website champion “Healthcare Reform” where they advocate for abortion, and immigration where they explicitly state they have “lobbied to support the DREAM Act.”  On their Texas Website, they advocate for “regulating the ownership of handguns and semi-automatic weapons” and promote Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI). 

Regardless of one’s stance on these issues, it’s evident that the League of Women Voters is not a neutral entity but rather a partisan organization. Elections offices that feature this group under the guise of helping voters are potentially electioneering for candidates who share the LWV’s viewpoints. 

This blurring of lines between official election resources and partisan advocacy undermines the integrity of the electoral process and erodes trust. These links must be removed.

Advancing Integrity called on Secretary of State Jane Nelson to ask county election offices to remove this content back in August of 2023. Unfortunately, we have received no response from her or her office and have noticed no change on several websites. 

We don’t have to wait for a response, though. Citizens can take action. Visit your county’s election website and look for a link to the League of Women Voters. Let us know if you find one.