Survey Respondents Admit to Voter Fraud

A ,,poll conducted by The Heartland Institute shows concerning revelations about mail-in ballot insecurities during the 2020 presidential election. This not only challenges the narrative of a secure election but also emphasizes the need for increased accountability in the mail-in voting process.

,,The survey’s findings reveal that election interference goes beyond the conventional concerns at polling locations. A staggering 21% of mail-in voters admitted to filling out a ballot for someone else and 17% voted in a state where they were no longer permanent residents. Equally troubling, 17% acknowledged signing a ballot or ballot envelope on behalf of a friend or family member, whether with or without their permission. These admissions underscore the vulnerability of the mail-in voting system to election hijacking.

With over ,,43% of 2020 voters opting for mail-in ballots nationally, the poll highlights the prevalence of potential fraud in this voting method. The ease with which election hijackers could engage in illegal activities raises concerns about the lack of accountability in the mail-in voting process, a critical aspect of ensuring the integrity of elections.

The only truly safe and secure place to vote is in person, inside the polling place. Mail-in voting should be reserved for only those physically unable to vote in the polling place. It should always be a very limited exception, not the rule. The survey reveals only those who admitted to wrongdoing, how many more were guilty but unwilling to tell the truth? These percentages are larger than the margin of victory in many elections. 

To restore confidence in the electoral process, we need comprehensive reforms in the mail-in voting system. This includes a stricter verification process with a more robust voter ID process, enhanced signature verification techniques, and increased oversight to prevent and detect illegal activities. By addressing these issues, authorities can instill greater trust in the electoral process.

The poll’s findings underscore the urgency of addressing vulnerabilities in the mail-in voting process. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of accountability in mail-in voting to safeguard the electoral process and ensure the legitimacy of future elections. Comprehensive reforms will not only enhance the integrity of mail-in voting but also contribute to restoring the trust of the American people in their republic.