Republicans, Vote for Election Integrity!

Republicans will have the opportunity to vote for three election integrity ballot propositions. All three are great steps toward improving Texas elections.

The Republican Party of Texas should restrict voting in the Republican Primary to only registered Republicans.

When citizens register to vote they should have to declare a party or register as unaffiliated. Then only registered Republicans would be able to participate in the Republican primary, determine which candidate most closely aligns with their values and will represent them in the general election, and vote on ballot propositions, voicing their opinions on crucial issues, setting the tone for the Republican convention, priorities, and what Republican voters expect from Republican candidates.

Watch this short video on why Texas needs closed primaries!

The Texas Constitution should be amended to restore authority to the Texas Attorney General to prosecute election crimes.

Right now, even the small fish are getting away with election fraud because most local District Attorneys (DAs) are unwilling to prosecute. Some DAs are afraid to stand up to the harvesting operations, fearing they will lose their next election through fraud as a result. Others complain they do not have the resources to pursue these cases they downplay in importance. A few just flat out refuse. 

Attorney General Paxton, on the other hand, has been a champion for accurate, secure, and transparent elections both in Texas and representing Texas on a federal level.

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The Texas Constitution should be amended to require proof of citizenship before any individual can be registered to vote.

As the bedrock of American governance, the right to vote stands as a fundamental pillar that ensures citizens have a say in shaping the nation’s future. In the United States, the principle of exclusive voting rights for U.S. citizens is deeply rooted in safeguarding national sovereignty, guaranteeing that those who are most invested in the country’s welfare have the power to elect representatives and influence policy decisions. This is why only Americans should vote in America’s elections.

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