Get Your Current or Future Legislator on the Record!

With March primaries rapidly approaching, Advancing Integrity is excited to launch our first-ever Legislative Survey! The point of this new endeavor is to get candidates and incumbents on the record in regard to where they stand on important issues.

Not sure of where your favorite candidates or incumbents stand on important election-related issues? Send them this candidate survey to know whether or not they will be election integrity champions!

The Questions


Would you SUPPORT legislation to require voters to provide proof of citizenship before voting?


Would you SUPPORT legislation to penalize voter registrars who fail to follow the Election Code and properly maintain the voter rolls?


Would you SUPPORT legislation to penalize election officials (such as Election Administrators and County Clerks) who fail to follow the Election Code?


Would you SUPPORT legislation to eliminate countywide polling and return to precinct based polling?


Will you commit to voting AGAINST any legislation promoting preferential voting systems? (Rank Choice Voting, STAR, Approval Voting, etc.)


A priority of Advancing Integrity is uniform election dates. This would require all elections to be held in November, except for primary elections and runoff elections. Would you SUPPORT legislation for uniform election dates?


Should party primaries be closed? (Voters would have to register with the party to vote in that party’s primary election.)


Do you believe that all elections, including local elections, are partisan and that all candidates must identify party affiliation on the ballot?